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Vijaya Amrit (4:1) – Neuro & Immuno Protective

VijayaAmrit CBD Oil is a CBD rich medicine used as a therapeutic agent to treat problems like Anxiety , Depression, and Stress. The formulation contains a pure extract of a multipurpose, powerful herb Vijaya (Medical Cannabis). It is also used as a painkiller due to its anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties. It helps increase GABA levels, improves the sleep cycle and uplifts mood.

It is also used for neurological conditions and helps improve cognitive skills.

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(10 customer reviews)

3ml, 15ml, 50ml

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Vijaya Amrit is a cannabidiol (CBD) rich medicine used to treat psychiatric disorders. It helps increase GABA levels, improves the sleep cycle and uplifts mood.

It is used for neurological conditions such as Autism spectrum disorder and helps improve cognitive skills and ataxia.


  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Helps with Anxiety and Depression
  • Helps with Tremors & Seizures
  • Helps with neurological conditions like Autism
  • Uplifts mood
  • Reduces Stress

How to use

Sublingual Absorption:

Fill The Dropper To The Required Dosage.
Squeeze The Dropper Under The Tongue, Make Sure To Keep A Count On The Drops Consumed As Per Your Recommended Dosage.
Hold The Drops Under The Tongue For 45 To 50 Seconds.
Post Waiting Period, Swallow The Oil.

Sublingual (Holding The Oil Below The Tongue). Their Active Ingredients Are Quickly Absorbed Into The Bloodstream.


Have 8 To 10 Drops As One Complete Dosage At A Time. 15 Ml Bottle Contains 450 Drops Approx. Hence 45 Servings

Safety & Precautions

  • This medicine contains vijaya leaf extract and other ayurvedic herbs. If you are allergic to any of the ingredients,
  • DO NOT consume this drug without prescription.
  • May increase the heart rate or cause high Blood Pressure
  • Kindly consult your doctor before taking this drug during pregnancy or breast-feeding.
  • Keep away from Children.
  • DO NOT consume Alcohol while under vijaya leaf extract containing medication

Scale To Measure

“Every 1ml of Vijaya Leaf Extract in the product equals to 1000mg So, 10% Vijaya Leaf Extract in 15ml (1.5ml) will be 1500mg and in 30ml (3ml) will be 3000mg

Note: 30ml comes in 2 bottles of 15ml each and as follows for easy use.”

Additional Information


3ml, 15ml, 50ml

Customer Reviews

10 reviews for Vijaya Amrit (4:1) – Neuro & Immuno Protective

  1. Krishna (store manager)

    It’s like a calming wave washing over me, helping me face each day with a smile.

  2. Ananya Patel (store manager)

    I’ve been using this oil for my sleep issues. I now enjoy deep sleep.

  3. ekta arora (store manager)

    My prescription led me to Amrit and I can’t thank my doctor enough. It’s helped me manage my depression and I feel like I’ve got my life back.

  4. sahil bam (store manager)

    it is helping me stay centered and focused.

  5. divya (store manager)

    I’m a student, and Vijaya Amrit has boosted my cognitive skills. Studying has become more efficient, and I feel sharper and more confident in exams.

  6. sunita (store manager)

    For anyone dealing with neurological challenges like ataxia, Vijaya Amrit is a ray of hope. It’s improved my balance and coordination significantly

  7. Sanjeev Mehta (store manager)

    kuch drops lene k bhad bohot fayda hai muje

  8. Mala Reddy (store manager)

    great medicine

  9. Sandeep Choudhary (store manager)

    It’s a natural remedy didnt knew cannabis can do such wonders.

  10. pingleaakash

    I have been struggling with anxiety and depression for a long time which affected my daily activities as i have panic attacks.This cbd oil was suggested by dr vaibhav mishra which helped much in managing my symptoms of anxiety and feeling low.

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