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Cannaronil 5000mg – (CBD RICH | BALANCED | THC RICH)

Cannaronil Is A Pure And Raw Form Of The Medical Cannabis (Vijaya) Plant Hence, It Is Extremely Potent. Its Consistency Is Similar To A Thick Paste & Comprises Of Cannabinoids, Terpenes, Flavonoids For The Entourage Effect. The Formulation Is 100% Vijaya Leaf Extract And Is Available In Three Types: Cbd Rich, Thc Rich And Balanced

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(26 customer reviews)
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CBD Rich Cannaronil, is a 100% pure cannabidiol (CBD) rich extract used to help with inflammation, anxiety, paranoia, agitation experienced by patients.It also helps improve cognitive skills and reduces tremors by interacting with the 5-HT1A receptor. (4:1)

Balanced Cannaronil, is a 100% pure full spectrum extract used to reduce chronic pain and inflammation by activating anti-inflammatory cytokines such as Interleukin 10 (IL-10).It also helps with motor coordination by maintaining the correct balance in eCB system signalling. (1:1)

THC Rich Cannaronil, is a 100% pure tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) rich extract used to reduce chronic pain. It helps with chemotherapy induced symptoms such as nausea and vomitting through its interactions with CB1 receptors and 5-HT3 receptors.It also stimulates appetite & sleep and helps to slow down weight loss. (1:6)

Medical Indications:


Tremors, Seizures, Neurological Disorders including Epilepsy, Parkinson’s Disease, Alzheimer’s disease. Psychiatric Disorders like Psychosis


Neuropathic Pain like in Diabetic Neuropathy, Inflammation, Cerebral Ataxia, Trigeminal Neuralgia


Cancer Pain, Endometriosis , Anorexia, Chemotherapy induced Nausea and Vomitting (CINV), Inflammation, Insomnia


How to use

Sublingual Absorption:

Squeeze The Syringe Under The Tongue, Make Sure To Keep A Count On The Drops Consumed As Per Your Recommended Dosage.
Hold The Drops Under The Tongue For 45 To 50 Seconds.
Post Waiting Period, Swallow The Paste.

Sublingual (Holding The Oil Below The Tongue). Their Active Ingredients Are Quickly Absorbed Into The Bloodstream.


Initial Dose: 2 – 4 Drops

Additional Information


Balanced, CBD Rich, THC Rich Full Spectrum



Customer Reviews

26 reviews for Cannaronil 5000mg – (CBD RICH | BALANCED | THC RICH)

  1. lilavati (store manager)

    isk dawai ne meri dard se chhutkara dilaya. Pain killer ka sahi asar!

  2. pratham (store manager)

    Balanced Cannaronil ne meri lambi samasya ko kam kiya aur mera jeevan sudhara.

  3. Amit K. (store manager)

    THC Rich extract ne mere dard ko kam kiya aur meri bhook ko badhaya.

  4. Anjali G (store manager)

    thank you! Mera tanav kam hua, aur main shanti se soyi.

  5. Vikram R (store manager)

    it has been good for my anxiety and inflammation.

  6. Nisha M (store manager)

    this medicine has improved my life. I now have better motor coordination.

  7. Sanjay B (store manager)

    Cannaronil helped me with chronic pain when nothing else did.

  8. Meena A (store manager)

    Balanced Cannaronil se Mere dard aur sujan ko kam kiya

  9. Rajiv G (store manager)

    it resolved my sleep issues. Now I sleep peacefully.

  10. Sneha S (store manager)

    this product has helped me regain cognitive skills and reduced my tremors. I can’t believe the difference!

  11. Ramesh P (store manager)

    Balanced Cannaronil reduced my pain comfortably and improved my life

  12. Kiran K (store manager)

    good thick extract, it increased my appetite and reduced nausea during my chemotherapy. Very good!

  13. Rekha M (store manager)

    thsi syringe changed my life. My chemotherapy symptoms also reduced.

  14. Rajat S (store manager)

    Using Cannaronil helped me lose weight, and now I can sleep peacefully.

  15. Suman B (store manager)

    Cannaronil has become a part of my daily routine. It’s truly a blessing for pain.

  16. Rahul K (store manager)

    it reduced my stress and boosted my morale.

  17. Mona R (store manager)

    It’s like a natural healer for cancer

  18. Kunal S (store manager)

    Using Balanced Cannaronil reduced my pain and inflammation. Now I can move comfortably.

  19. devi (store manager)

    cannronil ne meri nind ki samasya ko suljha diya. Ab main roz raat ko achchi nind le sakti hoon.

  20. Neeta G (store manager)

    Cannaronil has been a savior for my anxiety. It keeps me calm and relaxed!”

  21. Rahul M (store manager)

    it balanced my body and reduced Neuropathic Pain

  22. Manju S (store manager)

    THC Rich reduced my Chronic Pain

  23. Prakash D (store manager)

    Cannaronil has helped me regain my appetite and improved my sleep. It’s a blessing!”

  24. Sarita B (store manager)

    best for Cancer Pain

  25. Anita K (store manager)

    Cannaronil has been a life-changer for my chronic pain. It’s my go-to solution now!

  26. abhinash (store manager)

    worth it

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